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  ***Consultancy Service by E-mail***                                                   


With several years' experience of successfully running workshops and courses I am able to offer art tuition by email.  If you are looking for help with commissions or advice on any tricky points which may have cropped up with your original artwork please feel free to get in touch.  I can for example provide advice on the choice of paper and even supply you with a tonal study to give you a head start in completing your painting. 

 Starting at £25.00 for half an hour's tuition, my charges are for time spent based on a charging rate of £50.00 per hour. 

Please note that the tuition provided is personal to you, and that the stages of tuition (advice and images) are not for publication.  You are of course free to deal with your finished painting in any way you wish. 

The PayPal button below gives options to pay for one hour, half an hour or a quarter of an hour's advice.

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"This course has been a revelation" - Diana Hudson, Burnley

"Just to say thank you for your brilliant workshops, they are so well laid out and easy to follow.  I do realise an awful lot of work went into making them appear simple!!" - Aisling Kiernan, Co Westmeath

"Using your methods I was able to produce a portrait of a friend's English Pointer which came out so well I entered it for inclusion in the July issue of the SAA newsletter, and thereafter a further successful selection for inclusion in the "Simply the Best" competition at the Birmingham NEC in November.  So all in all a good year!" - Ray Curtis, Bideford

 "This E-workshop was just what I needed, a step by step guide on how to build colour with pastels.  I have learnt so much with just this one workshop" - Louise Charles, Helsinki

 "Your e-courses are fantastic, with precise and concise instructions that anyone can follow, illustrated with lovely high-quality photos.  I would recommend your courses to everyone.  They are achievable, something that a lot of other courses fail to consider" - David Molloy, Rossendale

"This is the first time I have done an email workshop, and I would highly recommend Vivien's course to anyone.  Clear instructions made it all very easy and enjoyable.  I finished the course feeling very pleased with what I had achieved" - Claire McMillan, Kendal

"I must say how I enjoyed your workshop.  You have made it all very easy, especially with your clear sets of instructions.  Their accompanying pictures at the different stages have been of great value" - John Dromgool, Wem

"Thank you for your tuition which is absolutely marvellous!" - Alan Vincent, Co. Durham

"I had bought several books [on pastels] hoping to be inspired, but found the examples in them did nothing for me.  So thank you very much.  It was money well spent" - Jenet Peers, Anglesey

"I have enjoyed this workshop so much.  Starting with oil pastels was a new concept for me, feeling a little strange at first but soon realising that I was achieving an amazing portrait" - Pam Sawyers, Isle of Wight


 PLEASE NOTE that I will shortly be adding a link here to my E-Workshop gallery.


***To take advantage of current exchange rates I am now making my E-workshops available in the United States and Canada***


Based on over three decades of painting and teaching, my range of e-workshops began life as an alternative for people who lived too far away to come to courses and workshops at my studio.  Over the years these distance courses have really come into their own, proving extremely popular with hundreds of artists from all over the world.   If you have access to a computer you can complete an e-workshop no matter where you live - images and instructions are sent by email, as is all tuition. There is no "live link", so time differences are not a problem. Many artists have already found my e-workshops an invaluable introduction to my painting techniques.



'River Otter'
Each e-workshop is self contained, and will show you everything you need to know to build up a beautiful painting in easy stages.  You can proceed at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. 

Most of my e-workshops are for pastel on Hahnemuhle velour paper, the rest are mixed media (acrylic and pastel) on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper.  For pastel on velour e-workshops I will start by sendiing you a pre-printed image on velour paper - for the remainder I will let you have a suitable sized sheet of the relevant support along with a printout on sketching paper for you to transfer to the support yourself.  I will then email you a full set of images and instructions so you can make a start.  At any stage you can email me for comments and advice to enable you to complete your painting.  You can attach images of your work in progress if you wish.

The cost of the pastel on velour workshops is £29.50 for each subject, inclusive of p&p.   The mixed media workshops (currently the Meerkat, Calf, Cockerel and "Paint" Tabby) are £35.00 each inclusive of p&p.



'Jersey Cow'


 There are two oil pastel subjects in my e-workshops range - a loveable little Shetland pony and a border collie, both using velour as a support.  Oil pastels combine the versatility of pastel with the depth and vibrancy of oil paints and can work extremely well on velour paper.  They were developed in 1949 by Sennelier for use by Picasso, so you will be in good company!   

 I like to encourage my clients to sell and exhibit the images which they have completed in their workshop, as they find that this helps them develop confidence (and make a profit from their outlay!).  So that potential buyers are aware please ensure that workshop images sold or exhibited are credited to me with the words "After an original by Vivien Walters" after your signature or on a note on the back of the picture. 

To see the full range of e-workshops please click on this link to my E-workshop gallery  where you will find full details of each e-workshop.    


For miscellaneous payments please use the PayPal button below:




*** Animal Painting Courses by Email***


My popular Animal Painting Courses have now been revised and updated to make it even easier to learn my pastel techniques by email.  

Based on my tried and tested email tuition methods and using pastel and pastel pencil on velour paper, these courses make the challenge of creating lively, convincing animal portraits more achievable by breaking the process down into just a few staightforward steps.  They are suitable for artists of all abilities, so whether you are new to pastels or an experienced artist looking to further develop your skills you will find these courses invaluable.

Velour is the paper of choice for many animal artists as it gives quick results and easily lends itself to the softness of fur, hair or feathers.  It is also an ideal complement to the use of pastels for animal portraits.

Working from your own photographic reference you are free to choose your own subject to paint.  Once you book in I will send you a set of course notes which will include my own notes on photography - the essential starting point for a successful finished picture - and then you will be ready to make a start.  There is no time limit so you are free to take as long as you need to complete the course.

The cost of an email Animal Painting Course is £125.00 GBP.  Artists from overseas can now pay in pounds sterling to benefit from current exchange rates.  To book in via PayPal please click on the button below (you don't need a PayPal account to do this).  If you would prefer to pay by cheque please email me for my address at